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Royalty Barlovento cocoa drink

Royalty Barlovento cocoa drink

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Barlovento cocoa drink

  • Country of origin: Venezuela
  • Country: Miranda
  • Municipality: Andres Bello
  • Bean type: Criollo
  • Net weight: 80 g.


Criollo cocoa beans.

Barlovento cocoa drink, 80g

This drink is a whole Criollo cacao bean that has been roasted and crushed together with the husk. No cocoa butter has been removed from the cocoa beans, and there are no additives. The Criollo beans themselves are very valuable and tasty, they only account for up to 5% of the global cocoa bean market.

Recommended preparation method for one cup of drink: pour 1 teaspoon of powder with boiling water and wait 5 minutes. Strain. Add sugar and milk to taste.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry place at a temperature of 18(±3)°C.

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