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Royalty tea Barlovento

Royalty tea Barlovento

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Cocoa bean husk tea is a great cocoa-flavored drink that has the same beneficial properties as the cocoa beans themselves.

  • Country of origin : Venezuela
  • Country : Miranda
  • Municipality : Andres Bello
  • Bean type : Criollo
  • Net weight : 100 g.

Barlovento tea

Criollo bean pods.

Tasting notes : rich aroma of cocoa with notes of tobacco and wood.

As we know, cocoa beans are very valuable, they contain many useful minerals and vitamins. Cocoa pods contain all the same substances found in cocoa beans.

Cocoa bean husks steeped in boiling water color the water in a similar way to black tea. A very small amount of husks are needed to make tea, so 100g will last a really long time. We recommend that you try adding 0.5-1 teaspoon per cup and see if you need a stronger or weaker tea. The pleasant taste of tea, reminiscent of mild cocoa, will surely brighten your day. You can also drink it cold. The drink is easily tonic. Delicious!

Recommended preparation method for one cup of tea:

Pour boiling water over 1 teaspoon of the husks and wait 5 minutes. Strain.

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