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Criollo Dark Royalty Chocolate Barlovento 85%

Criollo Dark Royalty Chocolate Barlovento 85%

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This chocolate bar is extraordinary - it's made with just two ingredients: great-tasting criollo cocoa beans and unrefined cane sugar. Chocolate is made using the traditional stone mill grinding method. This process takes a long time, but the taste of chocolate redeems everything. Because we do not add additional cocoa butter or lecithins, our chocolate is thick and more difficult to work with. Therefore, don't let your exterior deceive you - the treasure is within. Less than 5% of all cocoa in the world is criollo beans. The rest consists of trinitario (10-15%) and foraster beans.

  • Country of origin : Venezuela
  • Country : Miranda
  • Municipality : Andres Bello
  • Bean type : Criollo
  • Net weight : 80 g.

Criollo dark chocolate Barlovento 85%

Amount of ingredients

Two! Roasted, stone-ground criollo cacao beans and unrefined cane sugar! Nothing else!

Bean flavor

The taste of these beans was described by the grower as cocoa, tobacco, wood. Main flavor highlights and characteristics:

  • rich cocoa aroma
  • tobacco
  • woody notes
Pickling beans

Fermented and dried according to a protocol specially developed for this type of cocoa. Eight days with strict control of all fermentation and drying conditions. Aging in special wooden boxes for 6 (six) months .


Criollo cocoa beans 85%, unrefined cane sugar.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry place at a temperature of 18(±3)°C.

Average nutritional value (100 g of product)
Energy value (kJ) 2379
Energy value (kcal) 568
Fat (g) 43
- of which saturated fatty acids (g) 25
Carbohydrates (g) 31
- of which sugars (g) 15
Protein (g) 11
Salt (g) 0
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