About us - Royalty chocolate

We are chocolate manufacturers. As a two-family business, our goal is to bring nature's wonderful treasures to you. We only buy the best quality cocoa beans, such as Criollo (about 5% of the global market) and Trinitario (about 15%). We roast them, peel them, grind them with stones (the old way to get a better chocolate taste), temper them and make great-tasting, real chocolate. Real, because we do not interfere with the composition of the beans (we do not separate the cocoa butter, do not add it, lecithin, flavors, fragrances and other additives), after all, they are already rich in trace elements: iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, antioxidants, vitamin D, as well as fiber . Chocolate helps to release endorphin, which is known to be the hormone of happiness.

World market for cocoa beans

Since different beans have their own taste, we have chosen what we think are the tastiest varieties. 100 percent the tiles contain nothing else but cocoa beans. And 70 percent and 85 percent we sweeten the bars with unrefined cane sugar.

Our cocoa bean husk tea contains all the beneficial substances found in cocoa beans. And each tea reflects the flavor specific to that type of cocoa bean.

And the cocoa drink is a whole cocoa bean that has been lightly roasted and crushed, which makes it extremely valuable and delicious. It can be flavored with milk and sweetened according to taste.

We can also offer roasted pieces of cocoa beans - nibs. They can be chewed alone, added to cocktails, salads, porridges, on ice cream or baked goods.

If you are looking for cocoa mass - we have it too! Cacao mass, like chocolates, is stone-ground for two or three days. You can use it for baking, desserts, and make a hot chocolate drink.

We also sell fermented, sun-dried, thermally untreated cocoa beans. They are considered a superfood and are appreciated all over the world.

We can offer lightly roasted cocoa beans. We roast just enough to reveal the delicate taste of chocolate.

Our chocolate honey delicacy is a product made from natural honey and chopped cocoa beans and chocolate mixed into it.